Check these 3 things on your vehicle.

1) What is the towing capacity?

A vehicle's tow capacity is measured in pounds and it must exceed the weight of the Airstream. Check your car manual, talk to your dealership, or lookup your vehicle in a Tow Rating Database.  


2) Do you have a 2-inch hitch receiver?

Check the rear of your car for a square 2-inch hitch receiver. Confirm with your car manual or your dealership that the hitch has a class 3, 4, or 5 rating.


3) Do you have a 7-way connector?

Check the rear of your car near the hitch receiver for a port with a hinged cover. Open the cover to confirm the 7-way connection.


Once you've answered the 3 questions above...

 - If your vehicle has sufficient towing capacity, a 2" hitch receiver, and a 7-pin connector, then you're ready to tow! We'll provide the rest of the towing equipment, including the hitch, stabilizing bars, and wireless brake controller.

 - If your vehicle has sufficient towing capacity, but needs a 2" hitch receiver or 7-pin connector, we recommend visiting Orlandi Trailer in San Jose. They have installed towing equipment for many of our customers.

 - If your vehicle does not have sufficient towing capacity, you can rent either our Chevy Tahoe or Chevy Silverado.


Here are some excellent resources to learn more about towing:


For Trailer Sway: We found this video immensely helpful when we started our Airstream adventures.  We provide trailer brakes with every Airstream rental!


Learning to hitch the trailer:  We provide hitches with every Airstream rental and will help you set it up correctly the first time but it's always good to know what's going on.


Backing up can be a bit tricky but keeping these pointers in mind will make the process a breeze!


And here's a good series, all about Airstream trailers!