The Price of Renting an Airstream/RV: Comparison between Elite RV Vacations and Other RV Companies

As you guys all probably know, we're just a husband and wife team running this Airstream rental business and one of the main reasons we do this is because we truly want to spread the joy of traveling via Airstream (and if we weren't renting Airstreams, we wouldn't be in the RV business at all).  But since we are in business of renting Airstreams, we of course will be compared to other RV rental companies, especially when it comes to prices.  In all transparency, we are a bit more than other RV rental companies but because our base price includes pretty much everything, we are actually not that much more than other big-named large RV companies who shall remain nameless when you add it all up.

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These are a quick rundown of the numbers but here are some of the details:

-First of all these are all ball-park numbers.  The numbers were researched online and based on information available on their website.  These prices also don't include tax.

-The trip itinerary starts from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I tried to make it as close to San Jose as possible since that is where we are located (but pickup locations vary from San Francisco to Santa Cruz; and LA for RV Company 5).

-Each trip itinerary is for 5 nights from July 1st to the 6th for 4 people and includes 500 miles.

-I used both the 20' Flying Cloud and the 25' Flying Cloud as comparisons because these are the 2 most popular Airstreams in our fleet and I compared these to standard 25' Class C RVs from RV Companies 1-4 and the 23' and 28' International Airstreams from RV Company 5.

-And I added the price of the towing vehicle rental at the bottom since those who already have a truck, will not need to include those costs.  However if you don't own a truck, we have a partnership with Enterprise to help you rent a truck for about $930 a week (and this is something we are currently working on lowering, we will update the price if we prove successful).

Now that you understand some of the numbers, I just also want to add a disclaimer that if you rent a Class C vehicle from RV Companies 1-4, it is nothing like traveling via an Airstream.  But I think that's a post for another time.  If you're in the SF Bay Area and want to check out our fleet, just email ( or call us at (408) 216-8656 to schedule a time to drop by so you can see these beauties for yourself!