We are now GoSilver

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Hi everyone! We are very excited to announce that we have changed the name of our business to GoSilver!  We have thought long and hard for a simple name that encapsulates our love of Airstream travel and adventure.  And what's more iconic than the silver of these classic trailers?  

So what does that mean for you?  Well for starters, we are moving to a brand-spanking new website which can be found at www.letsgosilver.com.  Once you're there, you'll see that we've upgraded the site to show an availability calendar and trip quotes, which are located on the webpage for each trailer (for example, here's the one for the 19' Airstream).  Now you can conveniently see whether the trailer of your choice is available for the dates you want!  Beginning in May, all webpages from Elite RV Vacations will redirect to GoSilver.

All existing reservations that have been booked with Elite RV Vacations this year will not change. We will honor all reservations booked with both Elite RV Vacations and GoSilver.

Also, if you take a gander at our Fleet page, you'll see that we have replaced our 2012 27' International Signature Airstream with a 2017 28' International Serenity Airstream.  This new Airstream comes with an automatic awning (only the 2nd Airstream in our fleet to have this feature after the 25' International), a convection microwave oven, and 3 separate sleeping areas.  This can accommodate large groups of up to 6 people comfortably, more than any of our other Airstreams!  Along with the 28' International Serenity, we are also adding the Basecamp, Airstream's newest and most lightweight travel trailer.  We will tell you more about it once we receive it from Airstream (estimated to arrive in May).

As GoSilver, we will continue to provide our customers with the same excellent care and continue to strive to make your Airstream adventure better and better.  So hop over to our new site and thank you for continuing to follow us as we transition to our new brand!

Burning Man Airstream Rental Packages Now Available!

There's nothing quite like a beautiful silver Airstream shimmering in the open desert, am I right?  Well for those who want to rent an Airstream for Burning Man, an annual city built in the middle of the Nevada desert devoted to self-reliance and self-expression, you've come to the right place.  This year we are offering Airstream rental packages specifically for Burning Man (August 27- September 4, 2017).  

Now I'm sure you've noticed the pricing for these packages are nothing to sneeze at.  But that's because having experienced Airstreams returning from Burning Man, we know that Playa dust is also nothing to sneeze at.  The bulk of the cost goes to the 10+ hours of preparing our Airstreams for Burning Man (including a full waxing of the exterior and the taping of all windows and vents) and the 30+ hours of cleaning required to fully remove Playa dust from every nook, cranny and compartment of the Airstream.  We also provide free grocery stocking, purchased by the customer through Instacart (ie have all the water you need for the week already stocked into your Airstream when you arrive) and free San Jose Airport pick-up and drop-off for out-of-town guests.  And of course we include all of our usual Elite RV amenities like a fully-stocked kitchen, all linens and towels, full propane tanks, and dumping of all tanks post-trip.  (For comparison, we've researched and have found that competitors like Cruise America rent their un-stocked and un-prepped class C RVs for $4500 for Burning Man, while Airstream2Go rents their Airstreams with tow vehicle for $12,000 for the week.)

We have also decided that we will not be doing Airstream deliveries to the Playa so all renters must tow their own Airstream to Burning Man.  We feel that since Burning Man is a community celebrating self-reliance, that guests going to the Playa should practice this Burning Man principle.  And if you want to practice towing before your drive to the Nevada desert, we will happily schedule a time to show you the basics and allow you to practice at our San Jose garage free of charge.  And of course all rentals are fully insured (which is included in the Burning Man package price).  Lastly if you don't own a truck, we have partnered with our local Enterprise Commercial business and can arrange the rental for you.  We will also have the rental truck delivered and hitched up to the trailer ready to go on the day of pick-up.

So if you're interested in renting an Airstream for Burning Man, you can start your reservation process on our Burning Man page here.

Happy New Year & Look Forward to an Exciting Year with Elite RV Vacations!

Happy New Year friends!  As you can see this is the first blog post since June and that's because we had a jam-packed busy season!  Thank you so much to all our customers who rented an Airstream with us our first year.  We are so grateful for your business and patience as we learned how to run this business and work with the Airstreams.  We have also just completed our first year full-timing in an Airstream so we now know these beautiful trailers better than ever!

And now with our first year under our belt, we endeavor to make this business even better.  And boy do we have some exciting things planned for 2017!

First we changed our rental policy so that now you can take a two-day Airstream rental for January and February.  This is your chance to take a quick weekend getaway or just try it or a couple days to see if an Airstream is the right fit for you.  Want to go on a romantic Valentine's weekend trip?  We still have two Airstreams left!

Second, we are upgrading all our dishware from plastic to break-resistant Corelle.  Having traveled for a month with these types of plates, we have found that it's not necessary to have all our dishware be plastic.  Corelle is lightweight and chip-resistant.  Corelle also works with the microwave (for the 25' International and 27' International).  Of course we will continue to stock paper goods with all Airstreams and if you still prefer plastic plates, just let us know and we can switch it out for you.

And finally we've got two new Airstream additions planned for the fleet!  Stay tuned to find out what we've added!  You can also join our newsletter to stay up-to-date with us (enter your email address on the right -->).

Airstream Destination: Petaluma / San Francisco North KOA

Though taking your rented Airstream to an ancient Redwood forest at Santa Cruz or near Big Sur is an experience that shouldn't be missed, some folks prefer less hiking and more gourmet food and beverage type of experiences.  Then Petaluma/San Francisco North KOA is the RV park for you.  Situated about 40 miles north of the city, Petaluma KOA is the perfect place to stay if you want to visit Sonoma and Napa wineries, tour several breweries (including the famous Lagunitas Brewery), grab fresh oysters from local oyster farms, or eat your way through Northern California's Cheese Trail.  This is the place for Airstream'in foodies.

But first a note about this amazing KOA, which sits on 70 acres of prime Marin County land.  One of the best things about this RV park is the multitude of pull-through sites.  In fact, the majority of them are pull-through so if you're a novice to towing, you don't have to stress about reversing into a tight spot.  Also, if you opt for the end sites, they come with wood swings and loungers (see picture above).  And each campsite comes with your own firepit.  The majority of the sites also come with full hook-ups so there's no need to dry-camp here (though if you like the challenge of no hook-ups, they have some of those sites as well).

This RV park also has a variety of tiny homes you could comfortably stay in as well as tent camping sites.  There's something for everyone here.

This KOA also has more activities for the whole family than most other RV parks.  There's a petting zoo with some adorable goats (along with lamb and chickens).  There is a large pool with yellow cabanas, a 30-foot rockwall, a large bounce-pillow and a play ground for the kids, an expansive picnic area complete with charcoal grills, and a large dog park with obstacles.  You could easily spend several days at the park just enjoying their amenities.

But of course, part of the charm of staying at this KOA is to experience all the best that Marin County has to offer.  Here are some things you don't want to miss when you're here:

- Downtown Petaluma, which is just minutes from the RV park, has a plethora of small boutiques and restaurants.  If you're big on antiques, there's a lot of that here.  Otherwise check out Acre Coffee for your caffeine fix and Central Market for some of the freshest farm-to-table cuisine out there (they even have their own organic farm in Petaluma).  

- A short 30-minute drive west will take you to the California coastline.  Dillon Beach is a popular spot with some picnic benches and grills.  It's also dog-friendly, so your well-behaved pooch can come with you to enjoy some surf and sand.  A little further north along the coastline is the town of Bodega Bay, which is also famous for their beach Bodega Head.

Dillon Beach source

Dillon Beach source

- Also in that neck of the woods are several oyster farms where you can purchase oysters straight from the sea (you can also take some to go and enjoy them at Dillon Beach).  Hog Island Oyster Farm is about 32 minutes from the RV park and Tomales Bay Oyster Company is about 38 minutes away.  If you like your oysters cooked for you (BBQ'd) then Nick's Cove is even closer.

- If you want some wine to go with your oysters, then 30-minutes east of the KOA will take you to the famous wineries of Sonoma Valley.  There are just way too many to list here, but take a look at some of the top-ranked ones on tripadvisor.  If these aren't enough for you, then Napa is just another 15 minutes away (Napa Valley Wineries on tripadvisor here).

- And if beer is more your style, then Lagunitas Brewing Company is a 5 minute drive.  Also clustered in that area are 101 North Brewing Company and Petaluma Hills Brewing Company.  And 15 minutes north of the KOA is the Russian River Brewing Company.  

- If you're a fan of cheese, then you will be in cheese heaven when you stay at the Petaluma KOA.  It is perfectly located so that you can enjoy a day of cheese-eating on the California Cheese Trail.  Plan out your cheese-trip using their handy trail map and you get to see these dairy farms and their cows up-close.

- And lastly, for adults there is the Graton Casino and for kids of all ages there is the Charles M. Schultz Museum.

Whatever your interest, there's something for everyone when you stay at the Petaluma/North San Francisco KOA!

Airstream Destination and Delivery: Big Sur Campground and Cabins

If you want to camp in California's Redwood forests you could go to Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort or go to Big Sur Campground and Cabins, which has the added benefit of being near Monterey, Carmel, and some of the most beautiful beaches California has to offer.  In all transparency, we haven't camped there yet ourselves, but have had several of our Airstream rentals towed there by guests and we've also delivered Airstreams there.

Big Sur Campground and Cabins is located 2 hours south of our Airstream garage, about 30 miles south of Monterey.  The drive there is absolutely beautiful, though if you are towing a trailer you probably won't be able to enjoy the scenery as much.  Here are some things we learned about the actual campground:

- The most important thing to know about Big Sur Campground and Cabins is that it does not have a sewer connection.  That means all the water that is used onboard the Airstream will need to be stored in holding tanks during your trip.  They do have one dumping station which looks like a big well of filthy water, which can be used in case you really need to clear the tanks.  But most Airstream renters probably won't want to deal with the hassle of dumping (and as Elite RV guests you won't need to since we do all the dumping and sanitation for you).  But this does mean that when you're staying at this campground you will need to be very conscious of your water usage, especially your gray water usage (this is all water from sinks and showers).  Once your gray water tank is full, you will see dirty water start pooling in the shower.  The 19' International and 20' Flying Cloud can hold 21 gallons of gray water, while the 25' Flying Cloud and 25' International can hold 35 gallons and the 27' International can hold 37 gallons.  You will also need to be aware of your black water usage (that's all things flushed down the toilet), but that won't be as much of an issue normally since the black tank can hold as much as the gray tank, but each flush is minimal.  So what does it really mean to not have a sewer connection?  No long showers.  But the campground also provides bathrooms with free hot showers, and their bathrooms are clean and well-maintained.

- Also the spaces at this campground are very close together and the path/road to get to sites are very narrow with some really tight corners.  In fact, the first incidence of major damage to one of our Airstreams occurred at this campsite.  So we recommend that only experienced towers come to this site or have an Airstream delivered here.  Also, some RV parks will have staff help you back up an RV (especially since the staff usually know the easiest ways to maneuver into sites), however this RV campground doesn't offer that service.  So you're on your own, and for brand new towers this campsite can prove to be quite a challenge.  And definitely do not try to go there after dark.  I imagine trying to reverse a trailer in those narrow spots without light would be beyond impossible.

-There is no cell reception here for AT&T and Verizon, and they don't offer wifi.  So if you're planning to do a working vacation, you will need to head to a bar that offers wifi (there's one 3 miles away and one 1/4 mile away).  

That was all the bad news, but if you're ready to take on the challenge of partial dry-camping, this campground and Big Sur has plenty to offer!  

- This is a super family-friendly campground and they provide a lot of activities for the whole family.  They have basketball and volleyball courts as well as playgrounds for the younger kids. 

- There's a mix of RV and tent camping, many times right next to each other.  So if you're going with a big group and the rest of the group wants to experience tent camping, then its possible to do that with adjoining sites.

- There's a swimming hole on site and you can rent inner tubes for the day.

- And from some research, the best RV sites are near the river.  So those are sites #99, #100, #11 and #13.  This particular site in the pictures is site #72.

The best part about Big Sur Campground and Cabins?  Location, location, location!  It's close to some of the most beautiful beaches and state parks California has to offer.

- Pfeiffer State Park (1.5 miles south): this beautiful picture below was taken here (enough said, right?).  The park can be a bit hard to find so here's some tips.

- Andrew Molera State Park (2.5 miles north) is great for hiking and horseback riding on the beach.

- Do some treasure hunting at Jade Cove, where you might find some actual pieces of jade.

- Jade can also be found at Sand Dollar Beach, along with the beach's namesake, sand dollars.

(For more info on all of Big Sur's beaches, find it here and here). 

- Bixby Bridge (pictured below), is on the way to Big Sur.  


- Carmel, which is about 25 miles north of the campground is one of the quaintest towns in California.  A bit upscale, but a fun place to browse.  More info here.

- Monterey, home to one of the best aquariums in the country and the Monterey Bay is a great place to kayak (we've done it before and it's the best way to see sea otters fairly close and in their natural environment).

And if you're looking to eat in the Big Sur area these places have come highly recommended: Big Sur Bakery, Big Sur Roadhouse, Nepenthe, and the Restaurant at River Inn (right next door to the campground).

Getting to know the Airstream: The Convertible Dinette


One of the frequently asked questions from people looking to rent an Airstream is "what do you mean by a convertible dinette?"  Well this is Airstream's clever way of adding more sleeping space in a compact travel trailer.  That's why each Airstream can sleep at least 4 people.  

How To

Here's the step-by-step guide:

1) Remove all seat cushions and place aside.

2) Push down on the black tab on the table leg and then swing leg to fold under the table.  If the table leg does not swing easily, do not force it since this is the #1 way that these table legs break.  

3) Hold the edge of the table and raise it up to unlatch the metal tabs from the wall.

4) Then swing the table down so that it rests on the bottom of the seat.  Some Airstreams have tabs for the table to rest on, others will just have the table resting on the seat (but don't worry it will be an even surface).

5) Move the cushions into place with the back rest cushions placed in the middle on the table.

And there's your bed!

Our 25' Flying Cloud Airstream and the 27' International Airstream have an extra feature that allows the lounge to pull out to form a full bed.  So now you have two full beds in the front.

The other Airstreams don't have an extended lounge, but you could still remove the back cushions of the lounge, to essentially make a twin-size bed.


The Price of Renting an Airstream/RV: Comparison between Elite RV Vacations and Other RV Companies

As you guys all probably know, we're just a husband and wife team running this Airstream rental business and one of the main reasons we do this is because we truly want to spread the joy of traveling via Airstream (and if we weren't renting Airstreams, we wouldn't be in the RV business at all).  But since we are in business of renting Airstreams, we of course will be compared to other RV rental companies, especially when it comes to prices.  In all transparency, we are a bit more than other RV rental companies but because our base price includes pretty much everything, we are actually not that much more than other big-named large RV companies who shall remain nameless when you add it all up.

Click on the image to enlarge

These are a quick rundown of the numbers but here are some of the details:

-First of all these are all ball-park numbers.  The numbers were researched online and based on information available on their website.  These prices also don't include tax.

-The trip itinerary starts from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I tried to make it as close to San Jose as possible since that is where we are located (but pickup locations vary from San Francisco to Santa Cruz; and LA for RV Company 5).

-Each trip itinerary is for 5 nights from July 1st to the 6th for 4 people and includes 500 miles.

-I used both the 20' Flying Cloud and the 25' Flying Cloud as comparisons because these are the 2 most popular Airstreams in our fleet and I compared these to standard 25' Class C RVs from RV Companies 1-4 and the 23' and 28' International Airstreams from RV Company 5.

-And I added the price of the towing vehicle rental at the bottom since those who already have a truck, will not need to include those costs.  However if you don't own a truck, we have a partnership with Enterprise to help you rent a truck for about $930 a week (and this is something we are currently working on lowering, we will update the price if we prove successful).

Now that you understand some of the numbers, I just also want to add a disclaimer that if you rent a Class C vehicle from RV Companies 1-4, it is nothing like traveling via an Airstream.  But I think that's a post for another time.  If you're in the SF Bay Area and want to check out our fleet, just email (info@elitervvacations.com) or call us at (408) 216-8656 to schedule a time to drop by so you can see these beauties for yourself!


Airstream Destination and Delivery: Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort

Hands down, one of the best places to take an Airstream in the SF Bay Area is Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort.  There's nothing quite like living among some ancient giant trees to make you forget about city life.  These breathtaking redwoods emanate a special energy that you really can't feel anywhere else.  Yet, you don't have to drive hours into the forest to get away.  This park is a quick 35 minute drive from the Elite RV shop (and thus also a perfect place for those who want to get their Airstream rental delivered to a camp site).

The park is owned and operated by the nicest people, and their staff are super friendly.  When we got there, they saw that our site was partially flooded so they immediately moved us to a dry primo spot (we didn't even have to ask!).  Here's a map of their camp sites.  Just a tip: we stayed at campsite 20 and loved it.  I think campsites 1-22 are some of the best since the back of your RV faces the river, so there's some views and some privacy.  This is one RV resort that definitely doesn't feel like just another parking lot.  Also you can rent a fire pit for $5 (you can also bring your own as long as there's no cut-outs on the sides) and buy a bundle of wood for $7 to get the complete camping experience.  And they dump out the ashes for you.  If you're going to be there with a big group, you can rent out the clubhouse for a large dinner, and it comes complete with full kitchen and recreation room.  And coming this summer the park plans to do some wine tasting events and breakfasts on the weekends.

One of the best things about this park is that it's right next door to Henry Cowell State Park, with its 30 miles of hiking trails.  Check out that link for a comprehensive list of hikes categorized by difficulty and how much time you have.  

Some other awesome places to check out while you're there:

Mount Hermon Adventures: a jungle gym up in the trees (but definitely not for those who are afraid of heights).

The Mystery Spot: A little touristy perhaps, but also just a fun place to see at least once for yourself.  And get one of those bumper stickers that seem to be on every other car in Northern California.

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: a family fun institution since 1907, but now with modern rides for thrill seekers.  And for the laid back types, there's always the beach.

Roaring Camp Railroads: for kids of all ages who love trains (but just come prepared with water and some of your own snacks since refreshments seem to be lacking here).

Santa Cruz Wharf: A great place to dine on some local seafood and shop for souvenirs.  Also if you walk to the end of the pier and look down, you might see some sunbathing sea lions hanging around.

Natural Bridges State Park: Named after the limestone natural bridge, this state park is a beautiful place to take some breathtaking photos on the beach.  There is also a Monarch Grove, where 100,000 butterflies roost in the eucalyptus trees from fall to early winter.

If you only have a weekend to spare for some much needed R&R then I highly recommend Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort.  Even though it's less than an hour away, it feels like another world.  And if you happen to have more than a weekend, then a perfect Airstream trip itinerary would be several days at Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort and then hitching up and towing to Costanoa for several days near the California coastline.  This way, you can enjoy both the redwood forests of California along with its beaches.  You get the best of what California has to offer but there's minimal driving time!

To learn more about our Airstream delivery service go here and check out our whole fleet here.

Campground and RV Park Online Resources For Your Airstream Trip

Sometimes you're at a campsite or RV park just to have a place to eat and sleep while you go to other destinations on your trip.  But other times the campsite is the destination and not just part of the journey.  In those times, you want to book the best spots at the best campsites/RV parks.  To us, that means a clean RV park that's generally quiet or in a convenient location (and that's not shady, in the criminal sense).   And once we choose the best RV park, sometimes we want to choose the best RV space (especially if we're staying longer than a couple days) and to us that means a spot that's secluded and private and/or with great views if they're available.  To help us make these decisions, we use the following resources when planning our RV or camping trips:

AllStays Camp & RV app:  This is the single most useful app that we have tried for our own extended RV trips.  Yes it's a $10 investment but this app is available for family sharing and trust us, it's worth it.  This app will show you every single independently owned RV resort, state park campsite, national park campsite, national forest campsite, and just general areas to park an RV.  The best thing about this is app is that it doesn't need cellular reception to work (which is especially useful when picking a last minute RV park while on the road).  But if you do have reception, the app can take you directly to Google images of the RV park/campsite as well as to its website and/or booking site.  Though they have a couple reviews up on the app, there's not a whole lot so if you have service, cross-reference your chosen RV park/campsite with one of the sites listed below.

a screenshot of the AllStays app

a screenshot of the AllStays app

RV Park Reviews: This site probably has the most user generated reviews on RV Parks and campgrounds than any other site though there's not much in the way of pictures.  You can filter parks with their search filters but sometimes their search can be a little glitchy (just make sure when entering the location you're interested in the search bar to include the state, otherwise it will say nothing found).  But for the most part, the reviews are detailed and provide some great tidbits of advice.

 Good Sam Club:  This site is like the michelin guide of RV parks and resorts (but not campsites).  They have a 1-10 rating system (with 10 being the best) for the categories Facility, Restroom (cleanliness), and Appeal.  I'm not sure who decides the scores, but for the most part they are reliable ( 10/10/10 RV resorts are usually really awesome, though more expensive).  They now also have at the bottom reviews from other Good Sam members, which really helps to paint a better picture of the RV park.  (Also a note about Good Sam, by joining their Club you can get a 10% off discount at any Good Sam RV Park and there's a lot of them.  So if you're going to be going to a lot of RV parks during the year, it's worth getting the membership.  But otherwise the reviews on their website are great resources and their search function on the site is pretty easy to use).

Campendium: This is a relatively new website that is trying to become the Yelp of campgrounds and RV sites.  All reviews and most of the photos are user generated.  The site was create by the couple behind Aluminarium (one of my favorite Airstream blogs on the web).  One of the best features of the reviews is the cell coverage info for each review (this is super important when you like to work on the road like we do), but each review comes with a ton of valuable information.  They also have reviews of free campsites for boondocking, which is a great tool for those on a budget or who just need the best parking lot to get some sleep.  There aren't a lot of reviews out there yet for each campsite/RV park, but just like any community, it takes some time to grow.  

Trip Advisor: Surprisingly TripAdvisor can be a great resource for some of the bigger and more popular RV sites and campsites.  The great thing about TripAdvisor is they usually have some pictures of the campsite and sometimes tips on which sites in the RV park or campground are the best.

Yelp: Yelp is still Yelp when it comes to RV parks, and like TripAdvisor, there are a lot of good reviews and photos for the bigger and more popular RV parks and campsites.

And last but not least, one of the best way to find a good campsite is to talk to a local (if you're trying to find some last minute RV campsites).  Of course not all locals will be the camper types and know where to go, but we've lucked out and found some great places just by striking up conversations.  At the very least it's sometimes worth a try.

And finally if you're planning ahead, once you find the park that you want to stay at, just call the RV park or campsite and you can ask them which sites are the best (most secluded or with the best view).  Most of the time, the RV parks are more than happy to tell you their recommendations.



Airstream Destination: Anaheim

Often when people think Anaheim, they think Disneyland.  But this Orange County town has a lot more to offer than just Mickey Mouse (though of course there's nothing wrong with spending all your time at Disneyland when at Anaheim because well Disneyland!!).  From our headquarters in San Jose, Anaheim is about a 6 hour drive, which you could do in one day or spread it out by stopping off at other towns along the way (like San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbara).  

When in Anaheim, the best RV park to stay at is the privately owned Anaheim RV Park.   Like most RV parks in a major metropolitan area, the RV park is mostly a large paved area with closely situated RV spaces.  But the major benefit of this RV park is the shuttle service that takes you directly to the Disneyland parks and other Anaheim attractions (including the Convention Center, if you're there for a convention or conference).  The shuttle picks up right in front of the park and it's fairly inexpensive (about $12 for an adult 3 day pass and $3 for children).

One of our favorite place in Anaheim is the relatively new Anaheim Packing District.  It was originally built in 1919 to be a processing and packing house for citrus fruits picked from the nearby farms.  The fruit would get to the warehouse via a railroad, which is still ingeniously being used at the side of the building as a comfortable patio for outdoor dining.  Now the Packing House is an awe-inspiring food hall with delicious eats from across all cultures.  This is the Disneyland for foodies.  List of all the restaurants here.  My top recommendations would be to indulge in amazing gelato or fruit popsicles at Popbar and having a fancy cocktail at the Blind Rabbit, a speakasy that's hidden behind a false wall of Sake kegs that has live piano music. (Kids allowed and no reservations necessary during the day time, but no kids and reservations needed at night since it's such a small bar.  Also, not on the menu, but for a super special non-alcoholic drink try their smoked rosemary lemonade).

Mini-stream at the Anaheim Packing House

Mini-stream at the Anaheim Packing House

Other places to check out while you're in Anaheim:

Westminster: The best place to get authentic Vietnamese food in the country.  Some top recommendations include Vien Dong and Pho 86 (thanks Nora for the tip!)

Huntington Beach: Check out the Huntington Beach Pier or hang out at the beach itself.

Downtown Los Angeles: There's an endless possibilities of things to do in the revitalized and now super cool area including several new museums and Grand Central Market (another foodie heaven).


To Book a RV site at Costanoa (or any other KOA)

Here's a quick follow-up to yesterday's post about Costanoa, the perfect place to take your rented Airstream from Elite RV.  The RV site is managed by KOA (Kampgrounds of America) and when booking your RV spot here's a brief look at what your reservation form looks like:

Airstreams are travel trailers and they don't have any slideouts.  And depending on what you rent, we have Airstreams ranging from 19 to 27 feet.  And that's it!  You're on your way to an unforgettable vacation!

Our New Site is Up!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the new site for Elite RV Vacations.  We've been working hard to bring you a revamped site with some new pages like our What to Pack page, our Towing Tips page, and our Airstream Deliveries page.  Next we'll be adding more itineraries and other pages so it'll be even easier to rent and take a road trip with one of our Airstreams.  In the mean time, check out our Airstream Rental Policies page and our new Reservation Inquiry Form if you're interested in renting one of these beauties for your next vacation!